Container Transport & Logistiek nv

Vosseschijnstraat 59
2030 Antwerp - Belgium
Phone: +32 (0)3 204 95 00
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Contralo Asia Pte Ltd

72 A, Peck Seah street
Singapore 079329
Phone: +65 (0)64 17 12 59
Fax:     +65 (0)63 24 58 51

A joint venture between Contralo & SPI Marine

Member of the
Manuport logistics group

We care, we master, we lead

With more than 20 years’ experience in multimodal transportation, Contralo is well equipped to be your preferred partner when it comes to forwarding your cargo. Like an architect who designs your house, we at Contralo design your supply chain. We are the architects of your cargo flow. This covers much more than just the basic steps of getting your cargo from a to b. It is a complete, customer-driven service, assuring maximum customer satisfaction. We always aim to exceed customer expectations.

This website will give you a first impression of our know-how, our experience, the markets we operate in and some references.

Meet our people and atmosphere in
Meet our people and atmosphere in